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Ibanez Radius series
Fri 05 Feb 2016

The Ibanez Radius series or "R series" was first launched in 1987 with the introduction of the ...

Ibanez RG Fixed Bridge
Sat 02 Jan 2016

As far as I remember I have always associated the Ibanez RG with Floyd Rose like tremolos. That's why I like to highlight the RG's featuring non Floyd Rose...

Ibanez Andy Timmons AT100
Thu 26 Nov 2015

The last time I was searching for information about the Ibanez RT series I came accross an Ibanez brochure...

Ibanez Paul Gilbert Fireman
Thu 05 Nov 2015

While browsing and reading about guitars I came across the story of the Ibanez Fireman. The story goes that Paul Gilbert played around with some pictures of...

Ibanez RT 650
Mon 02 Feb 2015

I was looking for another guitar to complement my Yamaha RGX612A the other day and was searching for a more...